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For The Future Ghana Partners With UK Based Charity; SchoolInBag, and Trashy Bags Africa To Donate 353 Goody- Filled School Bags To Underprivileged Children

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For The Future Ghana (FTF Ghana) is a charity organization made up of young people with the aim of organizing outreaches and projects to alleviate the plight of underprivileged children.

FTF Ghana has supported over 500 underprivileged children in Ghana over the years to gain access to education and given them the opportunity to improve their lives and families. Through our support program over the years, we have identified a greater societal need, which we have decided to tackle.



It is the Organisation’s dream to build an eco-friendly gated community within 10 years to accommodate, educate, train, and nurture underprivileged children in Ghana through the help of resource persons.

ShareAid is a novel initiative by FTF Ghana that seeks to distribute learning materials to students in underprivileged schools to improve their learning experience and the quality of education they receive. This is achieved through partnerships with corporate bodies and other Non- Government Organisations with like causes.

July 2021, saw FTF Ghana partner with UK based charity SchoolInABag. This charity distributes school bags furnished with stationery and hygiene kits to students in underprivileged schools. It does so by collaborating with regional companies in the business of manufacturing school bags for such students. In Africa for instance, it collaborates with Trashy Bags Africa to make school bags from recycled water sachets for distribution.

SchoolInABag has helped hundreds of thousands of children around the world who are deprived of quality education. To date, they have funded over 129,000 school bags across 51 countries worldwide with over 5,000 of these being handed out in Ghana alone.

The first event since collaborating with SchoolInABag was done under the ShareAid Initiative. It was held on Wednesday July 21, 2021. This event saw the distribution of 100 of such goody-filled school bags to the students of Bomigo M/A Basic School in Keta in the Volta Region. The event was proudly sponsored by Bel – Aqua Company and Blow Group Ltd who provided bottles of water and drinks to fete the students.

The feedback from the first distribution was incredible. The joy on the faces of the students, teachers and some parents warmed the FTF Ghana team’s heart since they made an impact in the lives of those little ones. The Chief of Keta was also impressed by the feat achieved by FTF Ghana and encouraged the Organisation to visit more schools in his vicinity.

The second event under the ShareAid initiative was christened ShareAid #2 and was sponsored by Wiley’s Finest UK; a UK based Wild Alaskan Fish Oil Supplement Company. The trip to Kewum – Atobrinya and Huapa was an eventful one. The Organisation had to contend with poor road network, which affected navigation. The schools were in deplorable state and 95% of the children had no school bags.

Miss Kezia Asiedua Sanie, Founder of FTF Ghana, speaking at the presentation ceremony noted that her outfit back in 2021 identified the dreadful state of education in the area especially with inadequate stationery and other learning material for the pupils.

“The ‘ShareAid’ initiative by FTF Ghana seeks to distribute learning materials to students in underprivileged schools to improve their learning experience and the quality of education they receive.”

“So we identified various educational challenges confronting the schools and through the sponsorship from Wiley’s Finest UK in partnership with SchoolInABag, we finally made this donation to the school children to put a smile on their face as they undertake their learning activities.”

The school bags distributed contained exercise books, pencil cases, pens, pencils, nose masks, face towels, water bottles, cakes of soap, tooth brushes , tooth pastes and a hygiene bag to keep their personal effects in.

The students could not hide their excitement neither could the teachers nor the Assembly Man who were overwhelmed with gratitude for the generous donation. The Mankralo of Osudoku; Nene Amankralo Ananigsomeh IV also expressed his immense gratitude to the organisation and its sponsors; SchoolInABag and Wiley’s Finest UK noting how far the furnished school bags and hygiene kits will go to improving the educational experience of the students and their personal hygiene in general given the surge in Covid-19 cases in the country.

Like previous donations, the team experienced the joy that comes with putting a smile on the face of young ones. Thus living up to its motto: Leave a Smile.

Abena Oduro Osae – General Secretary of For the Future Ghana

Source: Kobbykyei Media

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